Testing Acomodations

DSPS Testing Accommodations Services

Testing accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • extended time to complete the exam
  • distraction reduced environment
  • reader or assistive reading software
  • scribe or assistive voice input software
  • enlarge print, CCTV, or assistive technology magnification software
  • other supportive services not available in the classroom.

Testing accommodations are provided to students who have a disability that prevent them from taking course examinations/quizzes in the classroom setting.

Request Testing Accommodations:

Requests for testing accommodations can be made by completing a Testing Accommodations Request (TAR) or Mulitple Testing Accommodations Request (MTAR) form no less than five (5) school days prior to the quiz/exam scheduled. Please do not call in your testing request. The student must return the form to DSPS.

 The Student’s Responsibility:

Schedule classes to allow for extra time to complete course exams, if that is a recommended accommodation.    

  • Identify him/herself to the professor by presenting a copy of the Recommendation for Academic Support and Accommodations (RASA) form.
  • Remind the professor to make a copy of the exam available to DSPS.
  • Schedule exams on the dates indicated in the syllabus and at the time the class normally meets, except for evening and Saturday classes. If the student wishes to take an exam at an alternate day or time, the professor must first approve this before the exam is administered. (DSPS may reschedule an exam if the exam was not received from the professor or if there is inadequate testing space or staff support at the regularly scheduled time.)
  • Provide all appropriate supplies, such as Green/Blue Books, Scantron forms, paper, and writing utensils.
  • Begin the exam on time.  Students may not study during exam time. All exams are monitored by DSPS staff.
  • If the student is late for the exam, the time missed will be deducted from the time allocated.
  • If you are (1) hour late to an exam, the exam will be returned to the professor. The test will be held and administered at a later time or date only if the professor contacts our office to give his/her permission to do so. DSPS may reschedule an exam if the exam was not received from the professor or if there is inadequate testing space or staff support at the regularly scheduled time.
  • Leave cell phones, books, backpacks, purses, notebooks, fanny packs, and other personal belongings in another area before being escorted to the testing site. This applies to everyone. An exception will be made if the exam is pre-designated “Open Book” or “Open Notes” by the professor.
  •  Students are encouraged to use the restroom prior to the scheduled test time. Taking any additional restroom breaks are discouraged unless there is medical documentation as an approved accommodation. If the student does need to use the restroom during the exam, they are given five (5) minutes. Should the student not return within five (5) minutes, the exam will be considered finished.

Academic Dishonesty:

A student who is found cheating will be reported to the professor. That student will then have his/her testing services suspended and will not be reinstated until a conference between the student, a DSPS staff member and in some cases, the professor is held.

Examples of cheating include:

  • Copying from another student’s test or assignment; Allowing another student to copy from your test or assignment
  • Using the textbook, course handouts, notes, or taped information during a test without instructor permission
  • Stealing, buying, or obtaining all or part of a test before it is administered; Selling or giving away all or part of a test before it is administered
  • Failing to follow test-taking procedures, including talking during the test, ignoring starting and stopping times, or other disruptive activity