Physical Access Services

Adaptive Furniture

Most SBVC classrooms are wheelchair accessible however; in the event that a student who uses a wheelchair wishes to take a course that is assigned to a room that is not wheelchair accessible, the student should notify DSPS. Upon notification, DSPS will have the adaptive furniture placed. Instructors and students are asked not to remove furniture, or if it is moved during the course of class activates, to place it back in its original location.

Change in Class Location

While SBVC is generally quite accessible, there are instances when a classroom may not be accessible to wheelchair users. DSPS will make every effort to avoid changing a class location but will do so if necessary to accommodate a student who is enrolled.

Preferential Seating

Students with hearing impairments, attention deficits, and visual limitations often do better if they can sit in the front of the classroom.  Students with chronic pain and those with psychological disorders may feel more comfortable in the back of the classroom, where they can sit/stand during class, or leave if they experience a panic or anxiety episode.  The instructor can assist the student by "saving" an appropriate seat for him/her.

Line Pass

Students with health or orthopedic disabilities that prevent them from standing for long periods of time are eligible to bypass lines with verification from DSPS. A student with this accommodation must request a line bypass for the day and location it is needed. Generally, students who are wheelchair users do not qualify for this service.

Campus Orientation

Visually impaired students may request an orientation to the campus prior to the start of classes. To schedule this service, call Muriel Armstead-Moore at (909) 384-8669 or email: