Support services are those specialized services available to students with disabilities that are provided in addition to their regular services provided by the college to all students. Such services enable students to participate in regular activities, programs, and classes offered by the college. Services provided must be directly related to the educational limitations of the verified disabilities of the students to be served. Therefore, not all students qualify for all services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DSPS is closed to the public.

Spring 2021 Q&A
Testing Accommodations

Q: How do I get my extended testing time for fall online courses?

A: Please make sure that you share your RAAAAS with your instructor for your Spring 2021 courses so that your instructor is aware of your accommodations and extended time needs.  It is essential that your RAAAAS is shared with your instructor to ensure that your accommodations can be implemented.  It is your responsibility to share this important information with your instructor(s) if you choose to use your accommodations during the course. 

Q: How do I use my adaptive technology accommodations with my online exams?

A: If you have an accommodation requiring adapted technology, please email three (3) business days before the exam with the following information: 

  • Student Name
  • Student ID#
  • Student SBVC Email
  • Student Phone Number
  • Testing Accommodation(s) Required
  • Class Test Date
  • Course Name
  • Instructor Name
  • Instructor Email

Please keep in mind, arrangements for exams, upon approval, will be arranged.

Q: I have a question or concern about my exams.

A: If you have special circumstances or concerns related to testing and/or assistive technology needs during your exams, please contact us

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this critical time.

Disabled Student Programs & Services
Academic Support

Muriel Armstead-Moore, Student Services Technician II

Larry W. Brunson, Jr.