Support services are those specialized services available to students with disabilities that are provided in addition to their regular services provided by the college to all students. Such services enable students to participate in regular activities, programs, and classes offered by the college. Services provided must be directly related to the educational limitations of the verified disabilities of the students to be served. Therefore, not all students qualify for all services.

Testing Accommodations Fall 2021

The following procedures will now apply as it pertains to academic support for testing accommodations and test proctoring:


Canvas exams that do not need a proctor will be extended by the Professor per the Student’s Recommended Academic Adjustments, Auxiliary Aids and Services (RAAAAS). No scheduling with DSPS is required. Instructor and student will decide when exam will be taken.

Student canvas exams or class exams that need to be proctored will request testing accommodations by sending an email three (3) business days before the test date to and CC (copy) their instructor with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID#
  • Student Phone Number
  • Course
  • Instructor Name
  • Requested Test Date and Time
  • Testing Accommodation(s) Required (Such as assistive technology or scribe)

TAR or MTAR forms will no longer be used.


The student email is received by DSPS Academic Support and will contact the professor by email to confirm availability of date requested and adjust date as needed. Request exam information:

  • amount of time scheduled in class
  • items allowed to be used (example open book, notes, calculator, etc.)
  • how test will be provided

Instructions how exam will be delivered to DSPS and returned to professor:

  • exam is online
  • email exam to or deliver to ADSS 105
  • indicate if exam return will be picked up by professor or scanned to professor’s email.

Once information is received, the student will be emailed (professor cc’d) the scheduled testing appointment. The email will include the time and notification that after 15 minutes, appointments will be forfeited, and the student will have to reschedule and make alternative arrangements with their instructor. 

Disabled Student Programs & Services
Academic Support

Muriel Armstead-Moore, Student Services Technician II

Larry W. Brunson, Jr.