DSPS Counseling

When to See a Counselor in DSPS

Disabled Students Programs and Services provide counselors and an educational advisor to assist students. While the student will need to see a counselor in the Counseling Office for student education plans, Probation/Dismissal appeals, and graduation checks to determine eligibility for degree(s)/certificate(s), the DSPS counselor or educational advisor may assist students with other issues related to the student's disability.

The following is a typical list of reasons a student would see a counselor/educational advisor in DSPS:

  • Determination of eligibility for DSPS services
  • Priority registration
  • Disability related issues
  • Learning disability assessment and eligibility
  • Approval of requested accommodations
  • Referral to outside agencies
  • Crisis intervention
  • Faculty/student liaison
  • Access to services and accommodations
  • Liaison to off-campus disability groups

To meet with a DSPS counselor/educational advisor for any of the above reasons, the student must make an appointment through the DSPS front office staff by calling 909/384-4443.

Students must meet with a counselor/educational advisor at least once per semester for review of their progress, accommodations and academic goals.