At San Bernardino Valley College, we are committed to providing students with disabilities an accessible educational environment that allows each student the opportunity to reach his/her academic goals and participate in a full range of campus programs and activities.

Once we receive verification of a student's disability, we provide support services to accommodate for his/her disability-related educational limitations. Such support services are essential components of the educational program because they help disabled students realize their educational potential in mainstream academic programs.


San Bernardino Valley College

DSPS Service Statement

You are the reason we exist; you are not inconveniences. DSPS staff members are here to serve you. As we deliver the services you need, it is our intention to treat you with respect, dignity, and understanding.

We serve you by:

  • Helping you to determine and accomplish your goals;
  • Ensuring that you have access to educational opportunities at San Bernardino Valley College;
  • Providing services and information that will help you to be successful as a student;
  • Supporting you in your educational endeavors;
  • Supporting your growth as an individual.

Scope of Services

DSPS services must:

  • Not duplicate service or instruction otherwise available to all students;
  • Be directly related to the educational limitations of the verified disabilities of the student to be served;
  • Be directly related to the student’s participation in the educational process;
  • Promote maximum independence and integration of students with disabilities;
  • Support participation of students with disabilities in educational activities consistent with the mission of the college.