Each student may obtain two (2) recommendations from SBVC faculty/staff members by asking them to complete the SBVC Online Faculty/Staff Recommendation Form.  One of the two recommendations may include a full or part time instructor, that you have had in the classroom within the last year.  The second recommendation may come from a SBVC counselor, SBVC staff or a SBVC administrator. Faculty/Staff recommendations from OUTSIDE colleges, high schools or other agencies will NOT be considered. 

As a courtesy, please give the instructor, counselor, staff or administrator your request in writing including:  

  1. Your full name as it appears on SBVC records/roll sheet
  2. The course that you are/were enrolled with the instructor
  3. Your student ID number
  4. Information about your family, academics, community involvement, financial need & barriers/obstacles

Faculty/staff members MAY NOT submit a recommendation by email or hand/typed written letter. ONLY the Online Faculty/Staff Recommendation Form that is available through https://sbccd.academicworks.com, will be accepted.  This online form is available to faculty/staff only and students cannot access that section of the application or view the completed form. Faculty receive a link to the form via email when the student enters them as a reference.

Applicants are encouraged to request their 2 recommendations by the end of the Fall semester to give the recommenders sufficient time to write outstanding information about you.  If you delay requesting your recommendation until after the winter break, your chances of receiving a quality recommendation are greatly reduced.  Faculty/Staff must submit their recommendation by the SBVC Online Scholarship Application deadline.  No exceptions will be made to extend this deadline for students or faculty or staff for any reason, including technical difficulties.  Please keep in mind that many students wait until the last minute to submit their applications or recommendations which may cause network delays and difficulties with accessing the online application.  This type of technical issue is NOT sufficient cause for extending the deadline for any student. 

When the faculty/staff member submits his/her recommendation for you, his/her name will appear on your application along with the date of submission.  Students should NOT wait for their recommendations to show, before submitting their application.  Even after you submit your portion, you will be able to see whether your faculty have submitted their recommendation on time.  For detailed instructions for faculty/staff, please direct them to their faculty/staff email account where they will receive instructions from the SBVC Scholarship Committee Chair during the fall semester. 

If you are concerned that one or more of your recommendation request will not submit their recommendation on time, you may select a third person to submit one as a backup.