Preparation for Online Teaching

Preparation for Online Teaching....and Professional Development

Online teaching requires a different “skill set” than on-ground teaching.  These skills and/or aptitudes can be acquired in a variety of ways.  Below is a list of various ways that SBVC's online instructors have prepared to teach online.  Faculty who want to teach online at SBVC should be able to document how he or she is prepared by teach online by submitting some version of the form below to either/or the Faculty Chair of the Department or the Division Dean. 

__Formal Training in Online Teaching
__Informal Training in Online Teaching
    __Mentored by an experienced online instructor
__Completed a course that was taught online
__Completed a degree that was taught online
__Have experience in teaching online
    __1-5 classes (separate sections)
    __6-10 classes (separate sections)
    __11-20 classes (separate sections)
    __21 or more classes (separate sections)

In addition, SBVC has created a self-paced class for instructors wanting to begin preparation for online teaching.  That class is housed in Blackboard and can be accessed from any computer conntected to the internet.  If you are interested in enrolling in this class, please contact Dr. Kay Weiss, the Co-Chair of the Online Program Committee.  (909-384-8535 or

If you are interested in other professional development activities regarding online teaching, please contact Rania Hamdy, Professional Development Coordinator at SBVC.  (