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as of 10/20/2019 12:36:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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San Bernardino Valley College
Fall 2019
Human Services

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HUMSV-140 - Case Management in Public Service HUMSV-167 - Crisis Intervention
HUMSV-170 - Introduction to Human Services HUMSV-172 - Group and Family Dynamics
HUMSV-173 - Helping and Interpersonal Skills HUMSV-179 - Legal/Ethical Issues in Human Services
HUMSV-181 - Alcohol/Drug Studies: Introduction HUMSV-182 - Alcohol/Drug: Program Modalities
HUMSV-183 - Alcohol/Drug: Counseling I HUMSV-184 - Alcohol/Drug: Counseling II
HUMSV-186 - Alcohol/Drugs in the Family HUMSV-188 - Alcohol/Drug: Medical Aspects
HUMSV-189 - Alcohol/Drug: Prevention and Intervention HUMSV-190 - Drugs: Use and Abuse
HUMSV-195A - Human Services: Intern Seminar I HUMSV-197A - Alcohol/Drug: Intern Seminar I
HUMSV-197B - Alcohol/Drug: Intern Seminar II HUMSV-198A - Alcohol/Drug: Field Work I
HUMSV-198B - Alcohol/Drug: Field Work II HUMSV-198C - Human Services Field Work I
HUMSV-198E - Career Specialist Field Work HUMSV-198F - Case Management Field Work
HUMSV-205 - Aids: Practices, Processes and Policy HUMSV-281B - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug Studies: Dual Diagnosis
HUMSV-281D - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug Studies: Community Based Criminal Justice Programs HUMSV-281E - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug: Addictions in the Gay & Lesbian Communities
HUMSV-281F - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug: Motivational Interviewing HUMSV-281H - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug: Human Trafficking
HUMSV-281K - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug Studies: Program Funding HUMSV-281N - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug Studies: Gerontology
HUMSV-281O - Selected Studies in Alcohol/Drug Studies: ASAM Assessment Techniques (american Society of Addition Medicines)