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as of 01/21/2018 12:33:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

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San Bernardino Valley College
Spring 2018

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Academic Advancement Accounting
Administration of Justice Aeronautics
American Sign Language Anthropology
Arabic (SBVC) Architecture
Art Astronomy
Automotive Biology
Business Administration Chemistry
Child Development Communication Studies
Computer Information Technolog Computer Science
Corrections Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts Dance
Diesel Drama (please see Theatre Arts)
Economics Electricity
Electronics Engineering
English English As a Second Language
Escrow Foods and Nutrition
French Geographic Information Systems
Geography Geology
Health Education Heating, Vent, AC, and Refrig
History Human Services
Inspection Technology Kinesiology
Kinesiology (Adapted) Kinesiology (Athletics)
Kinesiology (Fitness, SBVC) Kinesiology (Team)
Library Technology Machinist Technology
Mathematics Music (SBVC)
Nursing Oceanography
OSHA Pharmacy Technology
Philosophy Phsyical Education (See Kinesiology - Fitness)
Physical Education (See Kinesiology - Adapted) Physical Education (See Kinesiology - Athletics)
Physical Education (See Kinesiology - Team) Physical Education (See Kinesiology)
Physical Science Physics
Police Science Political Science
Psychiatric Technology Psychology
Radio, Television, and Film Reading and Study Skills
Real Estate Refrigeration (See Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrig)
Religious Studies Sociology
Spanish Student Development
Technical Calculations Theatre Arts
Vocational Education Water Supply Technology
Welding Technology