Associated Student Government

The ASG offers students opportunities to share in college governance, network with professionals and participate in social, political, and cultural activities and events.  Furthermore, these students are encouraged to create and administer their own programs and reflect diversity, instill self reliance and responsibility.

Office numbers: (909)-387-1611 | (909) 387-1614

Current officers

  • President: Adrian Rios
  • Executive Vice President: Victor Candela
  • Vice President of Student Senate: Kevin Williams
  • Vice President of ICC: Stacey Esparza Serrano
  • Vice President of Student Finance: Spencer Layman
  • Vice President of Marketing: Daniel Ponce Reyes
  • Student Senator: Cristian Barragan
  • Student Senator: LaVar Godoy
  • Student Senator: Sofiya Herrera
  • Student Senator: Maritza Mariscal-Medina
  • Student Senator: Teresa Medina
  • Student Senator: Kimberly Nicholas
  • Student Senator: Alan Perez
  • Student Senator: Isabel Nogera-Velasquez
  • Academic Director: Kirsten Macias
  • Social Events Director: Victoria Zamorano
  • Student Trustee: Autumn BlackburnStudent Senator: Mariana Pineda