Aero Club

The Aero Club was founded on the basis that flight is a prized possession that should be shared with all who have interest in aeronautics. Our club exists to promote each individuals interests in aviation and to have while doing it. We also strongly believe in positively impacting the communities around us and to further their knowledge of aviation also. Flight is the most inspiring and beautiful event our mind can imagine. This is something we desire to share with not only our generation but future generations as well.

  1. To expand member knowledge of all phases of aviation and its operations.
  2. To provide club members with opportunities to network in the aeronautics industry.
  3. To promote aviation safety and the growth of aviation in our communities.
  4. To promote personal growth through teamwork and leadership opportunities.
  5. To support the development of the SBVC Aeronautics Program.

The Aero Club meetings every Wednesday from 11:30am-12:00pm in T-125/T-114.

Aeronautics Student William Cooper Fly Over

Aeronautics Student William Cooper flyover picture of SBVC 

Field Trips

Virgin Orbit