STUDENT ESSAY or PERSONAL STATEMENT : You will be asked to write a 400-500 word single spaced essay as a part of the SBVC ONLINE Scholarship Application. Prior to completing your application online, it is recommended that you write your essay ahead of time in Word or some other text document and save it on digital storage.  Once inside the online application, you will have the option to "Cut and Paste" your essay into the actual application.   
It's important to submit a thoughtful essay and to utilize that area to provide details that the committee might not otherwise know about you.  A scholarship is an "academic" award and poorly written or extremely brief essays do not usually do well in the selection process.  If you do not take the time to put together a comprehensive statement about yourself, the selection committee may be left with the impression that your scholarship application is not a priority for you. 

You might want to include information from the following areas in your essay:

  • Your family size and general household information.
  • Your community involvement both on and off campus, including clubs, organizations, faith based, sports and political involvement.
  • Your academic accomplishments including honors, awards, scholarships and other recognition.
  • Your financial need and specific needs as they relate to your academic goals.
  • Your barriers and obstacles to your education and how you overcome them.