The SBVC Online Scholarship Application combines over 100 Foundation scholarships into a single application process.  Before you complete any portion of the application you must read this entire section.  If you experience any technical difficulties or have limited computer experience, we recommend utilizing the technical support of the Help Desk, the Student Assistance Program or the Cyber Lounge.

The SBVC Online Scholarship Application asks that you provide several different sections of information including: 

In this section a window will appear with your current student information. You will correct and complete the general information including your name, address, phone, email and other contact information.  It is important that your contact information MATCH the information in the Admissions and Records office.  If you have changed your phone, email, major or address recently and have not updated that information on the Change of Information Form in Admissions and Records, we encourage you to do so before completing your SBVC Online Scholarship Application.

You will be asked a list of questions that refer to eligibility factors of one or more of the Foundation scholarships. You may answer as many or as few questions as you like; however, incomplete answers may greatly reduce the number of scholarships for which you may be eligible.  If you are unclear about a question, the application has a help feature that is enabled when you "float" over a question.  For many questions, a pop-up box will appear that offers additional clarifying information to help you select the correct response.  Academic information such as units and GPA will be verified after fall grades are posted and will be included with your most recent SBVC transcripts, which can be viewed online. 

In this section, you will be asked to sign (check the box) for statements like the following :

The submitted information is true.
The SBVC Scholarship Committee or selection committee will use my application for screening purposes only.
I understand that receiving a printed list of scholarships for which I may be eligible, does not guarantee that I will be awarded a scholarship.
I authorize the scholarship office to use transcripts, enrollment data, demographics and other student services/program data such as EOPS, DSPS, or Financial Aid data to determine scholarship eligibility.


In this section, you will be asked to COMPLETE a personal statement or 400-500 word essay.  More detailed information is available about the essay on the Personal Statement webpage.  Please read this section thoroughly before beginning your online application. 

In each section you will be able to return to your application to complete the questions or your essay by selecting SAVE AND KEEP EDITING. We recommend saving your work often throughout the application process. After you select SUBMIT AND FINISH, you may return to update your information as long as it's before the application deadline. It's a good idea to have someone proofread all sections before submitting. After having your application proofed you should submit your application immediately. Do not wait for the submission of your Faculty Recommendations in order to submit your portion of the application. Recommendations can still be added after the application has been submitted as long as it is before the deadline.

Two faculty recommendations are required for your application to be complete.  More detailed information is available on the Letters of Recommendation webpage.