Design and Technical Theatre Certificate

The Design and Technical Theatre Certificate is designed to prepare students for occupational competency as a theatre technician, designer, or manager in educational, community, and resident theatre venues, as well as theme parks, television, and motion picture studios. Theatre technicians may work on set construction, theatrical carpentry, scenery, sound, lighting, costumes, makeup, props, and special effects.

THART 100 Introduction to the Theatre 3
THART 120 Acting Fundamentals I 3
THART 132 Lighting Design Fundamentals 3
THART 136 Introduction to Theatre Design 3
THART 139 Fundamentals of Costume Design 3
THART 160x4 Technical Theatre in Production 3
THART 165 Stage Makeup 3
THART 131 Sound for Stage and Screen 3
THART 135 Directing Fundamentals 3
Total Units 21
  1. Define and distinguish between commonly used theatrical terms applied to design and the technical elements of theatre production
  2. Demonstrate and use basic skills in creating and organizing a design project from concept to execution
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the skills required for a technical theatre crew
  4. Analyze a play script to create a costume design concept
  5. Use makeup to interpret an author’s characterization
  6. Identify, define, and describe terminology commonly associated with theatrical lighting design and execution

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