The Reading Department offers a variety of courses designed to enhance students' academic success.

Reading 905:  Reading Foundations

A reading foundations course which provides individualized beginning reading instruction, including reading readiness, phonics, word perception, dictionary usage, syllabication, context clues, spelling, verbal and written expressions, and beginning comprehension skills.

Reading 920:  Reading Skills I

A comprehensive, diagnostic-prescriptive program for students requiring basic reading skills, including instruction in phonics, vocabulary development, and literal and inferential comprehension skills.

Reading 950:  Reading Skills II

Designed to assist students in improving reading through an emphasis on word attack skills, vocabulary development, general comprehension skills, and study skills. 

Reading 015:  Preparation for College Reading

Designed to foster general reading improvement with an emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary.  Required laboratory practice assignments are based on diagnostic tests, which identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Reading 100:  College Academic Reading

Designed to help students improve analytical reading and critical thinking required for reading college textbooks as well as works of literature, including advanced, college-level vocabulary, comprehension improvement, the relationship of language to thinking, drawing sound inferences, distinguishing between fact and opinion, understanding bias and propaganda, and evaluation of evidence in addition to literal comprehension skills.

Reading 102:  Critical Reading as Critical Thinking

This course explores the relationship of critical reading and critical thinking with an emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills and the application in the interpretation, analysis, criticism, and advocacy of ideas encountered in academic reading.