Kinesiology A.A. Degree

The A.A. in Kinesiology is designed to be used as a terminal A.A. Degree for those who wish to obtain their degree and immediately enter the workforce as a teacher, coach or another Kinesiology profession. In addition, this degree can be used to prepare students who wish to pursue a Bachelor's Degree from a four-year institution. At the four-year institution, students may choose to specialize in one particular aspect of Kinesiology, such as Adapted Physical Education, Athletic Training, Coaching, Fitness, Exercise Science, Physical Therapy or Teaching. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in Kinesiology should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements because additional courses may be required at some institutions. Completion of the CSU General Education-Breadth (CSUGE) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) for CSU is required in addition to the major requirements listed below:

REQUIRED COURSES: (17 Units) Units
BIOL 250 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIOL 251 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIOL 260 Human Anatomy 4
BIOL 261 Human Physiology 4
HEALTH 101 Health Education 3
HEALTH 103 Introduction to Holistic Health 3
KIN 200 Introduction to Physical Education and Kinesiology 3
PSYCH 100 General Psychology 3
PSYCH 100H General Psychology - Honors 3
KINF 101A Beginning Boxing for Fitness 1
KINF 101B Intermediate Boxing for Fitness 1
KINF 101C Advanced Boxing for Fitness 1
KINF 105A Beginning Low Impact Aerobics 1
KINF 105B Intermediate Low Impact Aerobics 1
KINF 105C Advanced Low Impact Aerobics 1
KINF 108A Beginning Weight Training 1
KINF 108B Intermediate Weight Training 1
KINF 108C Advanced Weight Training 1
KINF 112A Beginning Body Conditioning 1
KINF 112B Intermediate Body Conditioning 1
KINF 112C Advanced Body Conditioning 1
KINF 127A Beginning Walking for Fitness 1
KINF 127B Intermediate Walking for Fitness 1
KINF 127C Advanced Walking for Fitness 1
KINF 132A Beginning Distance Running 1
KINF 132B Intermediate Distance Running 1
KINF 132C Advanced Distance Running 1
KINF 138A Beginning Physical Fitness 1
KINF 138B Intermediate Physical Fitness 1
KINF 138C Advanced Physical Fitness 1
KINF 142A Beginning Conditioning for Sports 1
KINF 142B Intermediate Conditioning for Sports 1
KINF 142C Advanced Conditioning for Sports 1
KINF 150A Beginning Table Tennis 1
KINF 150B Intermediate Table Tennis 1
KINF 150C Advanced Table Tennis 1
KINF 168A Beginning Yoga 1
KINF 168B Intermediate Yoga 1
KINF 168C Advanced Yoga 1
KINF 190A Beginning Tai Chi 1
KINF 190B Intermediate Tai Chi 1
KINF 190C Advanced Tai Chi 1
KINS 100A Beginning Baseball 1
KINS 100B Intermediate Baseball 1
KINS 100C Advanced Baseball 1
KINS 103A Beginning Badminton 1
KINS 103B Intermediate Badminton 1
KINS 103C Advanced Badminton 1
KINS 104A Beginning Basketball 1
KINS 104B Intermediate Basketball 1
KINS 104C Advanced Basketball 1
KINS 108A Beginning Football 1
KINS 108B Intermediate Football 1
KINS 108C Advanced Football 1
KINS 112A Beginning Indoor Soccer 1
KINS 112B Intermediate Indoor Soccer 1
KINS 112C Advanced Indoor Soccer 1
KINS 116A Beginning Soccer 1
KINS 116B Intermediate Soccer 1
KINS 116C Advanced Soccer 1
KINS 120A Beginning Softball 1
KINS 120B Intermediate Softball 1
KINS 120C Advanced Softball 1
KINS 124A Beginning Volleyball 1
KINS 124B Intermediate Volleyball 1
KINS 124C Advanced Volleyball 1
KINX 110Ax3 Intercollegiate Cross Country - Men 3
KINX 110Bx3 Intercollegiate Cross Country - Men Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 110Cx3 Intercollegiate Cross Country - Men Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 111Ax3 Intercollegiate Cross Country - Women 3
KINX 111Bx3 Intercollegiate Cross Country Women Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 111Cx3 Intercollegiate Cross Country - Women Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 112Ax3 Intercollegiate Football - Offense 3
KINX 112Bx3 Intercollegiate Football - Offense Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 112Cx3 Intercollegiate Football - Offense Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 113Ax3 Intercollegiate Football - Defense 3
KINX 113Bx3 Intercollegiate Football - Defense Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 113Cx3 Intercollegiate Football - Defense Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 114Ax3 Intercollegiate Soccer - Men 3
KINX 114Bx3 Intercollegiate Soccer - Men Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 114Cx3 Intercollegiate Soccer - Men Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 115Ax3 Intercollegiate Soccer - Women 3
KINX 115Bx3 Intercollegiate Soccer - Women Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 115Cx3 Intercollegiate Soccer - Women Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 116Ax3 Intercollegiate Volleyball - Women 3
KINX 116Bx3 Intercollegiate Volleyball - Women Pre-Season Athletics 1
KINX 116Cx3 Intercollegiate Volleyball - Women Off-Season Athletics 2
KINX 120Ax3 Intercollegiate Basketball - Men, Fall 1.5
KINX 120Bx3 Intercollegiate Basketball - Men, Spring 1.5
KINX 120Cx3 Intercollegiate Basketball - Men Pre-Season Athletics 1.5 - 2
KINX 121Ax3 Intercollegiate Basketball - Women, Fall 1.5
KINX 121Bx3 Intercollegiate Basketball - Women, Spring 1.5
KINX 121Cx3 Intercollegiate Basketball - Women Pre-Season Athletics 1.5 - 2
KINX 130Ax3 Intercollegiate Baseball 3
KINX 130Bx3 Intercollegiate Baseball Pre-Season Athletics 2
KINX 130Cx3 Intercollegiate Baseball Off-Season Athletics 1
KINX 131Ax3 Intercollegiate Softball 3
KINX 131Bx3 Intercollegiate Softball Pre-Season Athletics 2
KINX 131Cx3 Intercollegiate Softball Off-Season Athletics 1
KINX 132Ax3 Intercollegiate Track and Field - Men 3
KINX 132Bx3 Intercollegiate Track and Field - Men Pre-Season Athletics 2
KINX 132Cx3 Intercollegiate Track and Field - Men Off-Season Athletics 1
KINX 133Ax3 Intercollegiate Track and Field - Women 3
KINX 133Bx3 Intercollegiate Track and Field - Women Pre-Season Athletics 2
KINX 133Cx3 Intercollegiate Track and Field - Women Off-Season Athletics 1
CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry 4
FN 162 Introduction to Food and Nutrition 3
KIN 201 Mental Skills for Sport Performance 3
KIN 202 History of Physical Education and Sport in the United States 3
KIN 203 Theory of Coaching 3
KIN 231 First Aid and CPR 3
KIN 232 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3
KIN 236 Stress Management and Wellness 3
Total Units 25 - 28
NOTE: Chemistry 101 is a required pre-requesite for Biology 250, 251 and 261  
  1. Construct a personal philosophy and approach to integrating principles of Kinesiology
  2. Demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge of how the body functions and performs
  3. Utilize the degree to begin working on the field or transfer to an accredited university as a junior with a major in Kinesiology

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