Enrollment Process for First Time Students

These steps are for students who have never attended SBVC. Please follow all steps in order.


A. Fill out initial survey - if you’re ready to begin and haven’t filled this out, please do! This helps us know who you are so that we may assist you when necessary.

B. Identify steps using the Category Tool (you’re here now!).

C. Create an OpenCCC account. You cannot move on to step D without an OpenCCC account. Please watch the video contained in the link or open the PDF directions above the video to assist you. Your CCCID is not your SBVC student ID#.

D. Apply to SBVC. Sign in to the OpenCCC account you created in step C and apply to San Bernardino Valley College for the term you wish to take classes. Next, you will be sent a confirmation email confirming your application. Your confirmation # is not your SBVC student ID#.

You will receive a second email within 3 days welcoming you to SBVC. This second email will contain your SBVC student ID number that you will need to complete the rest of the steps.

E. Start Concurrent Enrollment Packet. Clicking this link sends you to a page that contains the link for the questionnaire you must fill out. The questionnaire generates a Concurrent Enrollment Packet for you. Within 7 business days of completing the questionnaire, a filled out Concurrent Enrollment Packet will be emailed to you at the email address you provided. Please make sure your email address can receive emails.

F. Get Concurrent Enrollment Packet signed and turn it in to the Valley Now! Team. Please review your paperwork and sign it. If you're under 18, you will also need your parent/guardian to sign it before you submit it to us. We will contact your school for Designee Signatures.

G. Set up your WebAdvisor account. This will allow you to access your SBVC student email and online services. You will need WebAdvisor to complete steps H and I. You can access WebAdvisor by clicking on the "Log In" tab located in the top right-hand corner of the SBVC home page.

H. Complete SBVC Orientation (either online or in person) and complete the Orientation questionnaire. Orientation is located on WebAdvisor under the "Academic Planning" heading.

I. Complete SBVC Assessment Process and complete the Assessment questionnaire. Assessment is located on WebAdvisor under the "Academic Planning" heading.

J. Meet with a counselor. We strongly encourage first time students to meet with one of our program counselors. Please click here to do so. You must have a SBVC student ID #.

K. Register for your classes on WebAdvisor

L. SBVC Welcome Meeting. We will send out Welcome Meeting emails to students who have completed the entire enrollment process.