Valley Now! Enrollment Process

We’re so excited that you are interested in the Valley Now! enrollment process. Please follow the steps below to start the enrollment process.

Note: Valley Now! does not provide, distribute, or purchase course materials, including textbooks. Please contact your school to see if materials are available to you at no cost and how to obtain those materials.

* The Valley Now! program currently only includes select courses that we have chosen in partnership with participating schools and districts. Our program does not currently offer all courses seen in the Academic Catalog. Failing to choose approved Valley Now! courses may result in fees being charged to your student account.

  1. Fill out the Valley Now! Concurrent Enrollment Packet Questionnaire - this will establish the communication with the Valley Now! team and the student early. Our goal is to act as the primary point of contact for the enrollment process.
    • Please make sure to list an email address that can receive messages and you check frequently. Please do not list the email address provided by your high school or adult school.  
  2. Create an account. Please watch the video contained in the link or open the PDF directions above the video to assist you. Your CCCID is not your SBVC student ID#.
  3. Apply to SBVC. Sign in to the OpenCCC account you created in step 2 and apply to San Bernardino Valley College for the term you wish to take classes. Next, you will be sent a confirmation email confirming your application. Your confirmation # is not your SBVC student ID#. You will receive a second email within 3 days welcoming you to SBVC. This second email will contain your SBVC student ID number that you will need to complete the rest of the steps.
  4. Receive the Valley Now! Concurrent Enrollment forms - after applying, students will receive their concurrent enrollment forms at the email provided within 10 business days. If a student does not receive their forms within 10 business days, please have them contact the Valley Now! team ASAP. If students decide to change the courses on their concurrent enrollment forms, they should do so using this form. After completing that form, new documents should be emailed within 10 business days.
  5. Get the provided Concurrent Enrollment forms signed and turn them in using this questionnaire. Please make sure to sign and submit ALL documents that were sent to you. After students have submitted all signed forms and we've checked them, we'll send them to site contacts to obtain principal signatures and attach transcripts. The forms will then be turned in here.
  6. Complete SBVC Orientation. Orientation is located on WebAdvisor under the "Academic Planning" heading.
  7. Complete the SBVC Assessment process. Assessment is located on WebAdvisor under the "Academic Planning" heading.
  8. Schedule a meeting with a counselor - All Valley Now! students must schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. Students will be emailed instructions for how to schedule this appointment.
  9. Register for classes on WebAdvisor.
  10. Attend a Valley Now! Welcome Meeting. We will send out Welcome Meeting emails to students who have completed the entire enrollment process.
  11. Submit a mid-semester progress report.