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Any student desiring the challenge and benefits of the Honors Program is welcome to apply. Students may apply at any time during the school year. Since students will need to complete at least 5 Honors courses before graduation to complete the program, it is recommended that students join the Program before earning more than 30 units.

To succeed in the program, students should have a strong sense of personal responsibility and diligence in completing academic work. Though there are no minimum requirements to join the program, the program faculty especially encourages students to join if they meet the following standards:

1) GPA of 3.3 or higher in at least 12 units of transfer-level college coursework (courses numbered 100 or above)


2) Minimum high school GPA of 3.50.

Since Honors courses in particular, but also many other transfer-level courses, require significant writing, the Honors Program strongly recommends students have reached eligibility to take English 101 before enrolling in an Honors Course (completion of English 015 or assessment into English 101). English 101H (or at least English 101) should be completed within the student's first semester in Honors, or as soon as possible if a developmental course (like English 015) must be taken by the student first.

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Students interested in joining the Honors Program should complete the following steps.


To be admitted into the program, you’ll need to contact Honors Counselor Botra Moeung to make appointment:; (909) 384-8658.


Meet with the Honors Program Counselor to assess your potential for success in the program and discuss your transfer plans and career goals. In addition, the Honors Program Counselor will create or review your Educational Plan. Once the new Ed Plan is completed, the student will be enrolled in the Honors Program by the Honors Counselor.


Contact the Honors Program Coordinator, Anthony Blacksher (, to get access to the Honors Program Canvas Portal. This site posts news about the program, serves as a library of Honors-related documents, hosts the Honors Forum discussion boards, etc. In addition, the Program uses Canvas to send out announcement and notification emails to Honors students (to their college email accounts) about important Honors Program requirements, deadlines and opportunities, so it is critical students are added to the Canas system. Don't miss out on access to the Program info or notifications.