GenerationGo! Program

Gen goWhat is GenerationGo!?

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GenerationGo! is the result of a partnership between San Bernardino Valley College, the San Bernardino Workforce Development Department, the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools' Alliance for Education, and school districts throughout San Bernardino County.  It is a program that prepares students to enter the workforce through career exploration and planning, interview preparation, employment acquisition strategies, as well as communication and workplace skills development. 

For most students, there are three main components to the GenerationGo! Program:

Vocational training

During the first semester of the program, students complete a a series of four (4) VOCED courses offered during a single semester.  In these courses, students will draft a resume, develop interview skills, learn soft skills, learn about laws affecting the workplace, and develop and discuss work ethics, among much more.  Upon completing the VOCED courses, students will earn the Job Skills Readiness Certificate.


After completing the four VOCED courses, typical students wait a semester before progressing to the next phase.  During this semester, students typically do a lot of preparation includidng:  compleing SBVC and WDD paperwork, creating a LaunchPath profile, accepting the offer of a work experience opportunity, and registering in a work experience course through SBVC.

Work Experience

During the final semester in the GenerationGo! Program, students enroll and complete a work experience course, WKEXP-099.  As part of this course, students must complete assignments while working in a position related to their high school pathway or college major.

What are the benefits of GenerationGo!?

  • Explore various careers and vocational options before entering college.
  • Learn to make decisions about your college major and career.
  • Address skill gaps and improve employability skills and knowledge before entering the workforce.
  • Understand the education and credentials needed for their chosen career.
  • Qualifying students who earn the Job Skills Readiness Certificate by completing a series of vocational classes through SBVC are guaranteed an offer of placement for cooperative work experience in a field related to their high school pathway.  
  • Ease your transition to college and enhance your chances of success.
  • Complete high school and college credits at the same time.
  • Significant cost savings to students and parents.
  • Start college at a higher-grade level.


In order to enroll in SBVC courses, high-school students must have a total weighted GPA of 2.0 or higher.  In order to receive the offer of a cooperative work experience position through the Workforce Development Department, students must be enrolled in high school during the semester in which they will complete the Work Experience portion of the program. 

Program Fees

All course fees are waived for all resident students physically attending high school in California. Students may responsible for all other fees (e.g., course materials, books, and health fee) depending on their school district.

gen go studentsApplying to the Program

Contact your high school counselor or liaison for forms and deadlines. For more information, or to find out who that is, please contact our office.

As part of the college experience, once the paperwork is complete and verified by an Admissions and Records representative, all students will register themselves, online, and should do so at least 2 months before the first date of the SBVC class.

processFirst Time Students

(You have never applied to SBVC before.)

  1. Create account
  2. Apply to SBVC online
  3. Wait for SBVC ID#
  4. Complete Concurrent Enrollment Packet
  5. Submit Concurrent Enrollment Packet to site contact
  6. Wait for reply in student email
  7. Complete orientation
  8. Complete Assessment
  9. Register for the approved SBVC course

Returning Students

(You have previously taken classes at SBVC, but not the semester (Fall or Spring) immediately before the semester in which you are applying.)

  1. Apply to SBVC online
  2. Complete Concurrent Enrollment Packet
  3. Submit Concurrent Enrollment Packet to site contact
  4. Wait for reply in student email
  5. Register for the approved SBVC course

Continuing Students

(You have taken classes the semester (Fall or Spring) immediately before the semester in which you are applying.)

  1. Complete Concurrent Enrollment Packet
  2. Submit Concurrent Enrollment Packet to site contact
  3. Wait for reply in student email
  4. Register for the approved SBVC course