Early College FAQ

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

When are the deadlines?

The Valley Now program application deadlines will differ from the traditional SBVC deadlines. However, course dates and deadlines are as listed in the most current Schedule of Classes.

It is advantageous to submit applications as soon as possible in order to have the best possibility to get into a class, as well as to allow time to resolve any issues. Any student wishing to enroll in a class that has already started must first get an Instructor Approval Code before registering online prior to the census date. Contact us for a list of dates and deadlines.

How early can I turn in an application?

We will begin to accept Concurrent Enrollment Petitions and applications as soon as the schedule for the desired semester of enrollment has been published online. Contact us or visit the current schedule of courses for more information. Please submit all paperwork to your site contacts.

I am a Freshman or Sophomore in high school, can I participate in the Valley Now program?

Maybe. Freshmen and sophomore students who have applied to SBVC and have met all requirements, must submit a Petition for Academic Exception. This petition will go before a committee for approval. You will be notified about the petition's status via your SBVC student email account, which was created for you when you applied. If approved, you may participate in the Valley Now program.

My high school GPA is lower than 2.0, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, no. SBVC and the Valley Now program requires a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA to participate.

I am undocumented, can I participate in Valley Now?

Yes. If you are currently enrolled in a California high school, then you may apply to the Valley Now program.

Where do I submit the High School Concurrent Enrollment Application form?

Please submit your applications to your high school Valley Now program site contacts. They will then give our office your application, where we will review your information for completeness. To find out who your high school Valley Now program site contact is, please contact our office.

What kind of high school transcript do I need for my application?

We require official transcripts for the Valley Now program. Transcripts must be current, show all high school coursework, and come directly from the school. If a student has attended multiple high schools, then all official transcripts are required. We will not accept printouts from student portals or report cards.

What if I need special accommodations?

San Bernardino Valley College offers services to students with disabilities through our Disabled Student Programs and Services Office (DSPS). Students should contact them directly to get more information. Please click the link located on this page to access their web page.

When will I find out if I have been admitted to the program?

Once we have reviewed your application packet and determined everything is in order, you will be notified by your site contact or receive an email telling you for which courses you were approved. Generally speaking, students who meet the eligibility requirements are admitted to the Valley Now program, but not necessarily to the specific courses you want.

Can I take any class I want?

You may enroll in any courses for which you are eligible and approved. These classes must be listed on your High School Concurrent Enrollment Petition form. High school students are also limited to a specific number of units per term. 

When can I enroll in classes?

Because of state law restrictions, concurrent enrollment students will be assigned an enrollment appointment on the last day of our enrollment priority cycle, after other SBVC students have enrolled. As a result, some courses may be full. If you are unable to enroll in a specific class, you may go to the first day of class and ask the instructor if he/she can give you an "Instructor Authorization Code" to add the class. You will need to use this code to register for your class before the add date passes. Please review our Class Schedule for more information.

How do I enroll in a class?

You will enroll online through the student portal, WebAdvisor. Please review the Class Schedule for more information regarding specific courses.

Do I have to take the assessment test every time I enroll?

No. You only need to take it once to determine your placement. Results are valid for two years.

How do I get high school credit?

Many high schools offer credit for our courses. Please see your high school counselor for specific details.

How does my high school get my SBVC transcript?

Given that you have signed a Release of Information Form consenting to share information with your school district, we will send out official transcripts to your high school district once semester grades are posted.