Water Supply Technology - Certificate

This certificate is designed to prepare students with the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain entry-level employment in the water supply technology field. [Note: the Water Supply Technology Certificate is not equivalent to the State License in Water Distribution, Water Treatment or Wastewater Treatment]. Work Experience course, WST 098, is highly recommended for students not currently employed in the field.

CIT 031 Business English 3
ENGL 015 Preparation for College Writing 4
Eligibility for ENGL 101 or ENGL 101H as determined by the SBVC assessment process
WST 052 Water Technology Math 3
WST 053 Wastewater Technology Math 3
Eligibility for MATH 090 as determined by the SBVC assessment process
WST 075 Water/Wastewater Chemistry and Analysis 4
18 units from the following Water Supply Technology Courses: Units
WST 031 Water Use Efficiency Practitioner I 3
WST 045 Backflow Prevention Devices 3
WST 048 Cross-Connection Control 3
WST 061 Water Distribution I 3
WST 062 Water Distribution II 3
WST 063 Water Distribution III 3
WST 071 Water Treatment I 3
WST 072 Water Treatment II 3
WST 073 Water Treatment III 3
WST 081 Wastewater Collection I 3
WST 082 Wastewater Collection II 3
WST 091 Wastewater Treatment I 3
WST 092 Wastewater Treatment II 3
WST 093 Wastewater Treatment III 3
CIT 101 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3
WST 098 Water Supply Technology Work Experience 1 - 4
Total Units 22 - 29
  1. Students will have knowledge of fundamental aspects of drinking water distribution, drinking water treatment, wastewater collection, and wastewater treatments
  2. Student will be able to perform tasks in connection with operation, control and maintenance of water treatment, water distribution and wastewater collection system
  3. Students will be able to prepare reports for submission to government agencies under supervision

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