Motion Picture Production

As a student with the media academy you can participate in a variety of RTVF student productions. Current RTVF students can produce short films, webseries', and feature films through the RTVF 240 class. Students can also use the Media Arts Work Experience class 098 to participate with these productions to earn credit and of course valuable work experience. High school students can also participate. 

Studio Production

As a student through the media academy you will have access to KVCR TV studio space to learn and create. Join studio production classes through the media academy and produce commercials, sketch comedy, and multi-camera productions in a professional studio environment.

Media Incubator

The Media Incubator is desinged to support non-profits, educational organizations, and social entreprenuers who may have small budgets but big messages that need video. As a part of the incubator your organization will be matched up with a team of students who will develop and produce video content you need to push your message. These students will work hand in hand with you the client and under the watchful eye of industry professionals. This content may be used on social media platforms, YouTube, and broadcast. 

For more information contact Lucas Cuny, Faculty RTVF and Media Academy Director at