Guided Pathways

The Inland Empire Media Academy offers to incoming freshman guided pathways cohorts for Film/TV, Graphic Arts, and Theater. These cohorts will allow students to learn with other creatives, experience hands on learning, internship with various media arts companies, show their work, and find a pathway to a 4-year instituion. To learn more how to enter the Media Academy Guided Pathways Cohort contact:

Elizabeth Banuelos, 909-384-8979,

Ailsa Aguilar-Kitbutr, 909-384-8694, 

High School Workshops

Current faculty and students will visit your high school classrooms and share their expertise in cinema and media arts. Topics include lighting and camera techniques, screenwriting, and visual design. To schedule a workshop contact Lucas Cuny at

Film on Film

The film on film screening series allows for educational discussion on cultural impactful films. The films are actually presented in either 16mm or 35mm projection. This a special collaboration with Redlands Vinyl.  

Fees may apply for adults 18 and over. 

All San Bernrardino Community College District students may attend at no cost. 

Filmmaking Labs


These are monthly workshops open to the public presented by our faculty. Subjects range from multi-camera production, color correction, screenwriting, 16mm film production, budgeting and scheduling, and acting for the camera. Schedule to be published fall 2019.

Fees may apply for adults 18 and over. 

All San Bernrardino Community College District students may attend at no cost.

For information on all activities contact Lucas Cuny at