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Program Mission  - The mission of the RTVF is to provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue their creative and professional passions.

The San Bernardino Valley College Radio, TV, and Film program is situated in the heart of downtown San Bernardino, which is the gateway to the Inland Empire, otherwise known as Hollywood's backlot. The program is unique in that our students learn side by side with working professionals both in the classroom and at our the local PBS station, KVCR. It is at this studio where many of our production classes enjoy the ability to learn in a professional soundstage environment. This partnerhsip allows for both local and national distribution of student work on PBS. 

The Faculty 

Lucas PicLucas Cuny, MFA - Lucas Cuny is an active independent film maker and published author. He's produced video content for Cal State LA, local non-profit organizations, and his production company, Slate Inc. His program emphasis include production, writing, and directing. One of his favorite film makers is John Cassavetes. lcuny@valleycollege.edu 


Donna Trewhella, Adjunct Professor - Writing/Field Production/news and film production dtrewhella@sbccd.cc.ca.us.

Faculty Kevin Lyons with CameraKevin Lyons - Kevin Lyons is an active independent filmmaker and business owner. He has worked in Radio, Television, and Film, as a Cinematographer, Producer, Video/Audio Editor and Graphic Designer. Over the years, he has grown a substantial network of clients across the nation. His program emphasis include production, cinematography, and directing. One of his favorite cinematographers is Roger Deakins. Adjunct Professor TV/Film lyonsdenpro@gmail.com 

James Rippetoe, Adjunct Professor - Radio/audio production, jamesrippetoe@hotmail.com 

Paul Jacques, Adjunct Professor - Acting/Directing/Producing, jacques22@earthlink.net

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