RTVF Equipment Checkout Form

The use of equipment is for educational purposes only. All lab classes have priority access to equipment.

Procedures for Students:

  1. All Students must have completed and signed Equipment Checkout Agreement on file in the equipment room. The form can be obtained from the equipment room staff.
  2. All requests must be made at least two-week prior to date of shoot.
  3. All requests must reference the inventory provided by the department.
  4. All requests must have a faculty authorization.
  5. In order to reserve equipment, students must be currently enrolled in one the following classes. You must bring a transcript to verify enrollment:
    • Lighting and Cinematography
    • Video Field Production
    • Intermediate Studio Production
    • Advanced Video Production
    • Motion Picture Production
    • Announcing and Performing
    • Introduction to Audio Production
    • Digital Audio Post Production
  6. *If a student is not enrolled in any of the above-mentioned production classes but has passed at least one with a B or higher and is an officer in good standing with the department affiliated student club they may make a request to check out equipment. You must a signed Equipment Checkout Agreement on file and provide a letter from a Club Officer.
  7. Proof of grade, registration, or a letter from the club president is required to receive equipment.  If none of these apply you may obtain a signature from RTVF faculty to approve equipment release.
  8. In order to check out a Cinema quality based camera such as the Sony FS7 a student must have passed RTVF 130, 132, or 133 with a B or higher and be currently enrolled in either Advanced Video Production, Advanced Studio Production, or Motion Picture Production. 
  9. Equipment check out is only good for up to 72 hours.
  10. Students can check out at most the following items; one camera and associated accessories (cables, lenses, filters, camera bag, two charged batteries and one battery charger), two recording devices, two microphones with associated accessories (boom, mic covers, cables etc.), one tripod, three lights with three light stands (lighting accessories, gels, barn doors, two stingers, etc.), one c-stand, and 3 flags or scrims per check out.
  11. Any individual who removes District-owned property assumes personal liability for repair or replacement of such equipment in the event of damage or theft. (District Policy AP 6535)
  12. Any loaned equipment is subject to recall by a college or District official at any time. (District Policy AP 6535)
  13. No students are allowed in the equipment room.
  14. For FACULTY that need to reseve equipment for class please complete this form within 72 hours of your class. 

Please note this is not a guarantee of this equipment. All Requests are subject to equipment availability.

* indicates required fields.

Name must match your transcript or letter from club officer, and your Equipment Checkout Agreement
A copy of your submission will be emailed to this address.
List approved class or Club Officer Title equipment will be used for.
i.e. You need to request something that doesn't fit in this form, or isn't listed.