Frequently Asked Questions About Online Classes

What are some typical questions regarding online classes in philosophy and religious studies?

  • Are online classes easier than on-campus classes?

No.  Online classes in the department are as rigorous and challenging as their on-campus counterparts.  In fact, online classes may be more difficult for some students.  Online classes require self motivation and self discipline.

  • Are all classes offered online?

All the classes in the department have been approved for online delivery.  Each class in the department has, at one time, been offered online.  However, the schedules of any specific semester are determined by monetary limitations and enrollment targets.  So a historical pattern of course offerings is no guarantee that the same pattern will appear in the future.

  • What do I need in terms of technology to take an online class?

You need access to a computer with a modern operating system (Windows 7 or higher......or Mac OS X....).  That computer needs a modern web browser (Firefox 4, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 9) and access to the Internet.