Religious Studies 135

Religious Studies 135: Religion in America

"This course is an introduction to the diverse expression of religion in the United States.  Although limited by the history and geography of one country, the course necessarily draws from religions around the globe to help students understand how religion haw grown and developed in the U.S.  So, this course deals with a wide variety of expressions of religion, including the Puritans, slave religion, the religious reform movements, the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim communities, the African American religious experience, Eastern religions in America, and contemporary syncretistic religious movements."

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Format:  Religious Studies 135 is typically offered online

Frequency:  Religious Studies 135 is typically offered in the fall and spring semesters

Transfer Information:

  • No prerequisites: 3 Units: Lecture: No lab
  • Course transfers to CSU, UC, and private colleges
  • Recommended website for transfer to UC: UCTRANSFER
  • Recommended website for transfer to CSU: CSU MENTOR
  • Recommended website for transfer to independent universities: AICCU
  • Additional resources are available at Transfer and Career Services (AD/SS 203)
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