Philosophy 112

Philosophy 112: Philosophy in Literature

"This course addresses ethical and metaphysical themes as presented in literature from the classical to the modern period.  Philosophical problems such as freedom and determinism, the nature of virtue, the meaning of death, and the individual's relationship to the state and the structure of reality are explored through the encounter with novels, plays, short stories, and film."

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Format:  Philosophy 112 is typically offered online

Frequency:  Philosophy 112 is typically offered in the spring semester

Transfer Information:

  • No prerequisites: 3 Units: Lecture: No lab
  • Course transfers to CSU, UC, and private colleges
  • Recommended website for transfer to UC: UCTRANSFER
  • Recommended website for transfer to CSU: CSU MENTOR
  • Recommended website for transfer to independent universities: AICCU
  • Additional resources are available at Transfer and Career Services (AD/SS 203)
  • Additional articulation information can be obtained through Assist: ASSIST