Philosophy 105

Philosophy 105: Introduction to Ethics

"This course is an introduction to ethics focusing on the analysis of the basic ideas and principles underlying moral conduct.  Theories such as utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, and many others will form the basis for the course.  Specific ethical problems arising in disciplines such as business, health care, administration of justice, and politics, as well as specific ethical problems confronting individuals, will also be addressed in this course."

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Format:  Philosophy 105 is typically offered both online and on campus

Frequency:  Philosophy 105 is typically offered in the fall and spring semesters

Transfer Information:

  • No prerequisites: 3 Units: Lecture: No lab
  • Course transfers to CSU, UC, and private colleges
  • Recommended website for transfer to UC: UCTRANSFER
  • Recommended website for transfer to CSU: CSU MENTOR
  • Recommended website for transfer to independent universities: AICCU
  • Additional resources are available at Transfer and Career Services (AD/SS 203)
  • Additional articulation information can be obtained through Assist: ASSIST