Philosophy 102

Philosophy 102: Critical Thinking and Writing

"An introduction to critical thinking focusing on argument and evidence and the ability to write coherent argumentative essays.  Topics include recognition of the structures of reasoning in natural language, the evaluation of such reasoning (including informal fallacies), the uses and abuses of language, and an investigation of the rhetorical devices common in our culture.  Students practice critical thinking by writing substantive arguments and essays."

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Format:  Philosophy 102 is typically offered online

Frequency:  Philosophy 102is typically offered in the fall and spring semesters

Transfer Information:

  • No prerequisites: 3 Units: Lecture: No lab
  • Course transfers to CSU, UC, and private colleges
  • Recommended website for transfer to UC: UCTRANSFER
  • Recommended website for transfer to CSU: CSU MENTOR
  • Recommended website for transfer to independent universities: AICCU
  • Additional resources are available at Transfer and Career Services (AD/SS 203)
  • Additional articulation information can be obtained through Assist: ASSIST