Eating Disorders Studies

Eating Disorders Studies Certificate

This certificate is designed to provide students with career preparation at the vocational certificate level to prepare them for entry-level employment in the field of eating disorders intervention, counseling, and treatment. Students working for certificates must have a basic knowledge of arithmetic, reading and writing in order to learn and work in the occupations they select.

HUMSV170 Introduction to Human Services 3
HUMSV172 Group and Family Dynamics 3
HUMSV173 Helping and Interpersonal Skills 3
HUMSV175 Introduction to Eating Disorders 3
HUMSV176 Treatment Modalities for Eating Disorders 3
HUMSV178 Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders 3
A minimum of four Human Services courses required for the certificate must be completed with a grade of C or better prior to field work courses.
REQUIRED FIELD WORK COURSES: Students must complete one of the following sets of two concurrent courses: Units
HUMSV195A Human Services: Intern Seminar I 1
HUMSV195B Human Services Intern Seminar II 1
ENGL015 Preparation for College Writing 4
ENGL101 Freshman Composition 4
FN162 Nutrition 3
PSYCH100 General Psychology 3
PSYCH110 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology 3
COMMST100 Elements of Public Speaking 3
Total Units 39

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