Geology AS

Geology A.S. Degree Major

To graduate with a specialization in geology, students
must complete the following required courses plus the
general breadth requirements for the Associate Degree

(total = 60 units)

CHEM150 General Chemistry I 5
CHEM151 General Chemistry II 5
GEOL100 Physical Geology 4
GEOL201 Mineralogy 4
GEOL200 Rocks and Rock Minerals 4
MATH250 Single Variable Calculus I 4
MATH251 Single Variable Calculus II 4
PHYSIC150A General Physics for the Life Sciences I 5
PHYSIC150B General Physics for the Life Sciences II 5
Eight units from the list of RECOMMENDED COURSES 8

GEOL112 Historical Geology 4
GEOL122 Environmental Geology 3
GEOL170X4 Geological History of Great Basin 1
GEOL250 Geology of California 3
GEOL251 Geology of National Parks and Monuments 3
GEOL260 Introduction to Field Geology 2
Total Units 48