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Summer Residency Program

SBVC music program Students in KVCR control room.

Institute of Media Arts – Summer Media Residency Program

Each year, a select number of media arts students (Visual Arts, Theater, Music, Animation, Web Design, Film/TV) from the San Bernardino Community College District are given the opportunity to hone skills, form creative partnerships, and create content for KVCR and develop skills with other local media related entities.

This robust program pairs participants with mentors from KVCR, local theater companies, and music associations throughout the Inland Empire. They provide hands-on guidance from all levels of media content development and creation. If you're passionate and focused with an original voice and commitment to collaboration, we encourage you to apply.

Program Highlights

Mentorship — Working industry professionals share knowledge and give guidance on craft and career.
Conversations — Ongoing guidance from SBVC Faculty and Advisory members which offer insight on the art and business of media production.
Short Form Media — Residents are given resources to produce short films, short subject documentaries, pod casts, that debut at a special premiere event and on KVCR platforms.

Hands On Experience - Working with local theater and music assocations.  
Events — Residents attend Inland Empire Media Academy signature filmmaker lab programs, screenings, networking events and more.
Residency — Residents will be officially paid interns of the SBVC Inland Empire Media Academy program for the period of the residency.

Students working on a film set.  Slate board and audio equipment.

Eligibility Requirements:

Currently enrolled students of the San Bernardino Community College District. Must have completed at least 12 units of introductory classes and one intermediate or advanced level class within their discpline. See discipline faculty or counselors for further details.

Application Procedures

Applicant must turn in  a resume, highlight reel of work or portfolio, and at least one letter of recommendation. 

Theater department actors on stage Film students in the studio at KVCR

This Year's Mentors

As part of the residency program students are matched up with industry mentors. This year's mentors include an SBVC Alumni and a long time TV Writer and Producer.

Photo of Lacey KendallLacey Kendall received her AA degree from SBVC in 1982. She is a certified recording engineer and for several years worked as a studio engineer for Voice over LA Studios in Hollywood, where she engineered radio and television ads & worldwide campaigns for clients that included McDonalds, Northrop, and George Bush for President. She is also a radio host; heard weekly on KCAL FM, a professor of media at the CSU campuses in Palm Desert and San Bernardino, advises five colleges/universities, a non-profit organization and is co-owner of a media-centric California investment properties brokerage; California Curb Appeal. 

Photo of Alan Gansberg. ALAN L. GANSBERG is a writer, producer, film/TV-Hollywood historian, lecturer, former college dean, and social justice activist whose work has earned a Humanitas Prize, four Emmy nominations, and numerous other awards. Gansberg’s TV and documentary productions have explored such topics as the integration of lunch counters, cross burnings/white nationalism, and HIV among African American women. His biography of actor Edward G. Robinson (Little Caesar: A Biography of Edward G. Robinson – Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, London, UK: New English Library) uncovered new information about Ronald Reagan’s involvement in the Hollywood blacklisting. He has written more than 2,000 articles (including The New York Time, Forbes, others), speeches for executives, and is a former editor/reporter of The Hollywood Reporter.

Other Internships

The Institute of Media Arts offers a Work Experience Class to provide interns with course credit. 

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For any questions about internships contact Lucas Cuny, FTVM Assistant Professor/IMA Director at