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Wolverine Con and International Student Film Festival - Annually Every Spring

Our premiere program of the academic year features conversations in media, panel discussions, art exhibits, cosplay, and an expo. This event is highlighted by the campus’ annual international student film festival. This festival is juried by industry professionals and allows students from high school to the graduate school from all over the world to exhibit their work. For more information click below to see information on past events and how to participate in current events. 

Wolverine Con - International Student Film Festival 2021

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The 48 Hour Film Project - Annually Every Fall

Image of the 48 Hour Film Project logoThis too is an international event which San Bernardino Valley College hosts through the Institute of Media Arts. This event provides access to all local filmmakers in the Inland Empire to an international audience and provides a unique challenge to filmmakers, to make a move in 48 Hours. To find out more click on the logo and register your team and buy your pass now! 





The San Bernardino 7 Day Film Competition

In this collaboration with the Garcia Center of Arts of San Bernardino we provide local filmmakers in the Inland Empire another opportunity to create and exhibit their work. Participants are given a location, a genre, and 7 days to make their films. Dates to be announced in August 2021! 

Stream current students' works here: IMA Channel

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