Phineas Literary Magazine

Phineas is SBVC's own literary magazine, publishing student poetry, fiction, essays and art at the end of the spring semester each year.

The magazine is designed and assembled during the spring semester by students enrolled in English 125: Literary Magazine Production. The students in the class become the editors and make all the important literary and design decisions guided by the instructor of the class, who serves as the magazine's faculty advisor.

Click on cover picture to take a look at the 2019 edition: 

Phineas 2019

Or pick up a free copy in magazine rack in front of LA 217.

Phineas 2020 Submission Guidelines

Submit Poetry, Fiction, Essays and Artwork

All SBVC students are eligible to submit. Submission period opens October 1, 2019.

The deadline to submit is February 3, 2020.

  • Submissions may be sent electronically (this is preferred). Email submissions to Emailed submissions can be sent as attachments (often the best choice) or pasted into email. Be sure you include your name (not just your email name). If a confirmation email is not sent within a week, please email to check status of submission.
  • Hardcopy material should be submitted to the Arts & Humanities Division office (LA 217, leave in basket in window, or NH 223 to division secretary) c/o Joel Lamore, Phineas Faculty Advisor, and should include a self-addressed stamped envelope if materials are to be returned. Handwritten submissions will not be accepted: fiction and essays should be double-spaced, poetry single spaced. Name, address and email address of student must appear on the back of every page or piece submitted – do not put any identifying info on front of submissions.
  • Students may submit no more than 3 essays, 3 works of fiction, 10 poems, and 10 works of art (you may submit maximum number in each category – and students are strongly encouraged to submit multiple pieces as that can substantially raise chances of acceptance). Essays and Fiction must not exceed 2500 words. Poetry must not exceed 40 lines in length. Artwork dimensions must not exceed 12" x 12". Line art and high contrast black and white photographs are especially welcome (the magazine prints in black and white). Art in color has less of a chance since it is not likely to print correctly. Artwork of an electronic nature can be submitted on disk (cd/dvd) accompanied by a hard-copy version, or emailed (one artwork per email to insure size limitations of email not exceeded).
  • Work submitted is automatically entered into the annual literary and art contest; a winner from among work to be published will be chosen (by faculty judges) in each category: poetry, fiction, essay and art.
  • Work not submitted according to guidelines will not be considered. 

Keep in mind that the magazine is designed and produced in the spring semester, so notifications of acceptances or rejections will not go out until April. The 2020 issue should be available by the first week of May, 2020.


If you would like to see the 2018 issue, click cover photo below.

Phineas 2018 Cover