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English Department Chair:  Paula Ferri-Milligan, Ed.D.

Full-time Faculty

Horace Alexander, Ed.D.
Robert D. Brown, Ed.D.
Mary Copeland, M.F.A.
Paula Ferri-Milligan, Ed.D.
Daihim Fozouni, M.A.
Sheela Free, Ph.D.
Diane Hunter, M.A.
Edward Jones, M.F.A.
Judy Joshua, Ph.D.
Joel Lamore, M.A., M.F.A.
Dirkson Lee, Ed.D.
Yvette Lee, M.A.
Alma Guadalupe Lopez, M.A.
Dolores Moreno, M.A.
Joel Murphy, Ed.D.
Joseph Notarangelo, M.A.
Michael Slusser, M.A.
Julie Tilton, M.A.

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