English Transfer Degree


An AA for Transfer (AA-T) degree is designed to enable students to more easily transfer to all colleges in the CSU system by creating general standards for each degree major accepted at all CSUs. In addition, some CSUs may give priority to students who are transferring with AA-T or AS-T degrees, and in the future, all community college students transferring to CSUs may be required to have an AA-T or AS-T for transfer.

Completion of CSU GE-Breadth or IGETC for CSU is required in addition to the major requirements listed below.

AA-T in English Course List

English is the study and production of writing in English, especially literature. The elements and structures of fiction, poetry, drama and the essay are studied. The ethnic, cultural, social, economic and historical foundations of literary works are analyzed as well as their influences on the creation and reception of those works. Finally, there is a strong emphasis in writing for a variety of purposes, audiences, and effects. The study of English prepares a student for further study in Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism and other closely related fields. In addition, the skills and abilities cultivated by the study of English are excellent preparation for any field which requires wide literacy and solid writing ability, including teaching/education, advertising, law, public relations, and work in print and electronic media.

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in English (or associated disciplines such as Comparative Literature, Journalism or Creative Writing) should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements because additional courses may be required at some institutions or they may require you to take specific courses. In addition, the department recommends that students take at least 2 semesters of a foreign language as many 4-year institutions have foreign language requirements for their BA in English.

To earn this AA-T degree, students must meet the following requirements:

  • completion of the major requirements (see above) with grades of C or better
  • completion of a minimum of 60 CSU transferable semester units with a grade point average of at least 2.0; and
  • certified completion of the CSU General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE), which requires a minimum of 39 units. Completing courses prior to transfer that satisfy the U.S. History, Constitution and American Ideals requirement as part of CSU GE is highly recommended.

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Senate Bill 1440, now codified in California Education Code sections 66746-66749) guarantees admission to a California State University (CSU) campus for any community college student who completes an “associate degree for transfer”, a newly established variation of the associate degrees traditionally offered at a California community college. The Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or the Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing these degrees (AA-T or AS-T) are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. In order to earn one of these degrees, students must complete a minimum of 60 required semester units of CSU-transferable coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Students transferring to a CSU campus that does accept the AA-T or AS-T will be required to complete no more than 60 units after transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree (unless the major is a designated “high-unit” major). This degree may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular CSU campus or to university or college that is not part of the CSU system. Students should consult with a counselor when planning to complete the degree for more information on university admission and transfer requirements.