General Electrician

This certificate will allow an "Electrician Trainee" to sit for the California State General Electrician Certification examination.  These courses also satisfy the continuing education requirement every three years for certified electricians.

OSHA 030 Federal OSHA Outreach: Construction Industry Safety 2
ELEC 216C Introduction to Industrial Electricity 4
ELEC 217C Industrial Electricity 4
ELEC 218C Controlling Industrial Electricity 4
ELECTR 110 Direct Current Circuit Analysis 3
ELECTR 111 Direct Current Circuit Laboratory 1
ELECTR 115 Alternating Current Circuit Analysis 3
ELECTR 116 Alternating Current Circuit Laboratory 1
ELECTR 230 Semiconductor Devices 3
ELECTR 235 Solid State Circuit Analysis 4
ELECTR 265 Digital Logic Design 4
INSPEC 014 Advanced Construction Inspection: National Electrical Code (NEC) 3
KIN 231 First Aid and CPR 3
TECALC 087 Technical Calculations 4
INSPEC 029 Community Relations for Building Personel 3
Total Units 46

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