Computer Engineering Technology AS

To graduate with a specialization in Computer Engineering Technology, students must complete all requirements for the certificate with a grade of C or better plus the general breadth requirements for the Associate Degree (minimum total = 60 units).

ELECTR 110 Direct Current Circuit Analysis 3
ELECTR 111 Direct Current Circuit Laboratory 1
ELECTR 115 Alternating Current Circuit Analysis 3
ELECTR 116 Alternating Current Circuit Laboratory 1
ELECTR 155 Electronic Drawing and Assembly 3
ELECTR 230 Semiconductor Devices 3
ELECTR 235 Solid State Circuit Analysis 4
ELECTR 265 Digital Logic Design 4
ELECTR 266 Microprocessor Technology with Assembly Language 4
ELECTR 270 Linear Integrated Circuit Analysis 4
ELECTR 280C Computer Operation and Maintenance 4
TECALC 087 Technical Calculations 4
Total Units 38
  1. Be prepared to transfer a core curriculum to an accredited, 4-year college or university with junior class standing in electronics technology or a related major
  2. Select and operate electronic test equipment during troubleshooting and repair operations, with an emphasis on safety in use and accuracy in results
  3. Analyze, interpret, and trace digital logic diagrams used in signal tracing of complex digital computer circuits
  4. Effectively communicate with and advise customers and co-workers, both written and orally, regarding the progress of and decisions made concerning test and repair procedures
  5. Be eligible to sit for industry/Federal-style examinations on the theory and procedures of computer technology

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