Restaurant Service - Certificate

The Restaurant Certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in the front-of-the-house of the restaurant/hospitality industry as fine dining servers and first-line supervisors.

CULART 010 Restaurant Service and Catering I 5.5
CULART 011 Restaurant Service and Catering II 5.5
CULART 101 Introduction to Hospitality and Customer Service 3
CULART 225 Sanitation and Safety 3
CULART 240 Procurement, Purchasing and Selection 3
CULART 250 Food, Wine and Beverage Service Concepts 3
Total Units 23
  1. Establish and maintain safety and sanitation procedures
  2. Prepare standardized recipes using a variety of cooking techniques which meet industry quality standards
  3. Prepare a variety of recipes of utilizing the correct techniques, ingredients and equipment which meet industry quality standards
  4. Define and articulate the core values of the culinary professional

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