Food Service - Certificate

The Food Service Certificate is designed for students interested in employment at commercial restaurants, institutions, health care facilities, school food services, and related food service industries.

BUSAD 100 Introduction to Business 3
CULART 101 Introduction to Hospitality and Customer Service 3
CULART 160 Introduction to Foods 3
CULART 161 Quantity Food Preparation 3
CULART 201 Management of Human Resources in Hospitality 3
CULART 225 Sanitation and Safety 3
CULART 235 Menu Planning Principles 3
CULART 240 Procurement, Purchasing and Selection 3
CULART 250 Food, Wine and Beverage Service Concepts 3
CULART 275 Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Control 3
Total Units 30
  1. Identify on an exam the people who influenced the restaurant business the most throughout history and how
  2. Recall on the final exam the names of the equipment that is used in a commercial kitchen
  3. Define the cooking terminology on weekly quizzes as well as on the final exam
  4. Demonstrate to the instructor that he or she thoroughly understands what it takes to open a restaurant by completing a feasibility study and designing a restaurant along with costs on paper and presenting the final project to the entire class as a class project and part of the final for the course
  5. Recall on a written exam how to derive the 'Break-even Point' of a restaurant
  6. Recall the seven areas of a HACCP plan
  7. Define and recall on a written exam the purchasing function

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