Food Preparation - Certificate

The Food Preparation Certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in food preparation.

CULART 010 Restaurant Service and Catering I 5.5
CULART 011 Restaurant Service and Catering II 5.5
CULART 101 Introduction to Hospitality and Customer Service 3
CULART 160 Introduction to Foods 3
CULART 161 Quantity Food Preparation 3
CULART 180 Small Business and Catering Management 5.5
CULART 225 Sanitation and Safety 3
CULART 240 Procurement, Purchasing and Selection 3
CULART 250 Food, Wine and Beverage Service Concepts 3
Total Units 34.5
  1. Demonstrate how to properly follow a recipe by preparing a recipe of their choice for the restaurant at least once during the semester
  2. Recall the seven areas of a HACCP plan
  3. Recite on a final exam how they will store products for maximum quality
  4. Recite for the instructor on the final exam how the food service industry was started by writing a brief essay on the history of food service
  5. Recite the principles of scientific reasoning why the combination method of cooking works on a final exam
  6. Recite the proper techniques used for preparing, ordering and receiving a large quantity of food for a given number of people on a final exam
  7. Have the knowledge and understanding of how to conduct business and make a profit on each catering and or banquet
  8. Demonstrate how to decorate a cake using basic cake decorating skills
  9. Recall on an exam how to write a catering contract

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