Culinary Arts - AA

To graduate with a specialization in Culinary Arts, students must complete the following required courses plus the general breadth requirements for the associate degree.

CULART 010 Restaurant Service and Catering I 5.5
CULART 011 Restaurant Service and Catering II 5.5
CULART 101 Introduction to Hospitality and Customer Service 3
CULART 160 Introduction to Foods 3
CULART 161 Quantity Food Preparation 3
CULART 180 Small Business and Catering Management 5.5
CULART 201 Management of Human Resources in Hospitality 3
CULART 225 Sanitation and Safety 3
CULART 240 Procurement, Purchasing and Selection 3
CULART 250 Food, Wine and Beverage Service Concepts 3
CULART 275 Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Control 3
CULART 280 Principles of Food and Beverage Management 3
Total Units 43.5
  1. Demonstrate to the instructor during the final exam how to use a knife and the basic knife cuts
  2. Demonstrate how to calculate food costs as it applies to menus by pricing a menu as part of the final in this course
  3. Demonstrate that they understand optimal quantity, price and standard specifications of ordering by completing a class project that showcases each component of purchasing
  4. Demonstrate to the instructor by recalling the top five problems that the restaurant industry encounters on a final exam
  5. Recall on a written exam how to derive the 'Break-even Point' of a restaurant
  6. Define and recall on a written exam the purchasing function
  7. Recall the seven areas of an HACCP plan
  8. Be prepared to transfer a core curriculum to an accredited, four-year college or university with junior class standing in Culinary Arts or a related major

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