This department is in the division of Social Sciences, Human Development & Physical Education.


The Corrections Department strives to provide our students with the legal, ethical and educational background necessary to pursue a career in a corrections-related field.


Students working for certificates must have a basic knowledge of arithmetic, reading and writing in order to learn and work in occupations they select.


Corrections Certificate

This certificate is designed for persons considering a career as a Correctional Officer, Youth Correctional Counselor, Jailer, or those already employed seeking advancement in their career. The corrections systems specialize in the punishment and incarceration process as well as rehabilitation of the offender.

This certificate is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of the corrections systems, the legal aspects of corrections, control and supervision in corrections, correctional interviewing and counseling, and the probation and parole concepts in corrections.

Program Requirements
CORREC 101 Introduction to Corrections 3
CORREC 102 Correctional Interviewing and Counseling 3
CORREC 103 Gangs and Corrections 3
CORREC 104 Control and Supervision in Corrections 3
CORREC 105 Legal Aspects of Corrections 3
CORREC 106 Probation and Parole 3
Total Units 18
  1. Apply knowledge and skills required in securing and maintaining employment
  2. Compare and contrast the differences between probation and parole
  3. Differentiate and identify control techniques in crisis situations within the correctional setting
  4. Distinguish the responsibilities and liabilities of the laws governing a correctional officer
  5. Assess the legal framework within the incarceration process
  6. Compare prison gang membership both inside and outside the facility
  7. Choose to further personal interests by completing the requirements for an Administration of Justice degree or developing skills as a crime scene investigator

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