Management Information Systems - Certificate

The Management Information Systems Certificate offers a complete introduction to computers, specific training in selected software packages, advanced courses dealing with programming, Databases, and networks.

CIT 031 Business English 3
CIT 101 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3
CIT 114 Spreadsheets: Excel 3
CIT 116 Database Management: Access 3
CIT 215 Database Management Systems 3
CIT 232 Computer Network Fundamentals 3
CS 120 Introduction to Visual Basic.NET 4
Choose one course from the following: Units
CIT 021 Word Processing: Comprehensive Microsoft Word 4
CIT 026 Computer Graphics 3
CIT 102 Advanced Computer Literacy 3
Total Units 25 - 26
  1. Use the Internet to find business and information technology (IT) information necessary to solve a business need, discerning authoritative from non-authoritative information sources and the bias of the information source
  2. Have a basic understanding of Personal Computer (PC) system hardware and software architecture
  3. Operate the PC operating system and common office applications such as a spreadsheet and database management system
  4. Analyze a business IT need, identify different components required to solve the problem, and create a solution that uses an appropriate combination of commercial software applications
  5. Recognize computer and network security threats and common approaches to preventing security compromises
  6. Given the structure of a relational database and a business report needed based on the database us structured query language (SQL) to retrieve the records required by the report
  7. Recommend computer network solutions to a business problem
  8. Prepare written reports and memos

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