Computer Support Specialist - Certificate

The Computer Specialist Certificate is designed to provide students with skills in advanced computer technology pertaining to a wide variety of industry specific and government agency career paths. Students are required to have a basic knowledge of reading and writing as well as have completed Math 095 or assessed at a higher level.

Career Outlook: The rapid spread of computers and information technology has generated a need for highly trained workers proficient in various job functions. These jobs are categorized under the heading of Computer Specialist in the EDD Labor Market Information Occupational Projection Report. The Computer Specialist designation constitutes 97 percent of the Computer and Mathematical Occupations category. There are many career paths available mainly because employers' needs are so varied.

CIT 091 Computer Network Fundamentals (Cisco Networking Academy) 3
CIT 092 Basic Switching and Routing (Cisco Networking Academy) 3
CIT 101 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3
CIT 110 Information and Communications Technology Essentials 4
CIT 160 Introduction to Information Systems Security 3
CIT 155 Systems and Network Administration 3
CIT 128 Introduction to Linux OS 3
Total Units 19
(Math 095 is required unless student is assessed at a higher level.)  
  1. The student will demonstrate an understanding of computer hardware and software concepts and identify the appropriate hardware and software to adequately address an identified need 
  2. Given a technical problem to resolve, the student will demonstrate competency with Internet searching technology and apply Computer Information Technology analysis concepts by writing an analytical comparison of the various solutions discussing relative merits in terms of effectiveness of solution, ease of implementation, and security implications 
  3. Given a scenario that identifies ethical judgment options with regard to the application of computing technology, the student will write a short paper explaining which option they find the most ethical 
  4. Given a complex business information management scenario, the student will demonstrate mastery of a standard computerized office suite of applications by developing a computerized solution to the problem that uses different applications within the suite that best solve the various areas of the problem and utilizing automation capabilities of the suite integrate these into an integrated solution 
  5. Given a relational database schema and required information to retrieve, the student will demonstrate proficiency with Structured Query Language by creating a query to retrieve the required information 
  6. Given a network diagram, the student will demonstrate basic understanding of computer network technology by identifying the various components and describing their basic function within the context of the network

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