TMC course list

Communication Studies Associate Degree for Transfer

Required Course 

COMMST 100           Public Speaking    OR    COMMST 100H     Public Speaking Honors

Choose 2 courses from List A  

List A: 6 units minimum        

COMMST 111         Interpersonal Communication

COMMST 125          Critical Thinking Through Argumentation and Debate           

COMMST 140          Small Group Communication                 

Choose 2 courses from List B  (or any course not used in List A).

List B: 6units minimum        

COMMST 135  Mass Media and Society          

COMMST 174  Intercultural Communication          

ENG 102  Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking   


ENG 102H  Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking Honors          

Choose 1 course from List C (or any course not used in Lists A or B).

 List C: 3units minimum

COMMST 176  Gender Differences in Communication

ENG 122  Journalism Production: Introduction           

ENG 151  Freshman Composition and Literature          

PSYCH 100  General Psychology       OR    PSYCH 100H  General Psychology Honors              

SOC 100  Introduction to Sociology    OR    SOC 100H  Introduction to Sociology Honors