The School-Age Certificate is designed to be the first step toward entry level employment specializing in the care of children from 6-12 years. It prepares students for working in after-school programs or child care facilities that serve older children. This Certificate meets the course and unit requirements for the Child Development Associate Teacher Permit with a School-Age Emphasis and the Child Development Associate Teacher Permit through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Required Courses: Units
CD060 Understanding School-Age Children 3
CD061 Activities for School-Age Children 3
CD105 Child Growth and Development 3
CD105H Child Growth and Development-Honors 3
CD113 Principles and Practices of Teaching Children 3
CD114 Introduction to Curriculum 3
CD126 Child, Family, and the Community 3
CD127 Guidance of Children 3
CD138 Teaching in a Diverse Society 3
Experience observing and interacting with children age 6-12 years: Units
CD111 Observation and Assessment in Child Development 3
Total Units 27
PID 450
This is a Gainful Employment Program

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