CHEMISTRY A.S. Degree Major

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in chemistry or biochemistry should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements because additional courses may be required at some institutions.
To graduate with a specialization in Chemistry, students must complete the following required courses plus the general breadth requirements for the Associate's Degree. The A.S. in Chemistry is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue a Bachelor's Degree from a four-year institution. At the four-year institution, students may choose to specialize in one particular aspect of chemistry, such as Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, or Physical Chemistry.

REQUIRED COURSES:                         Units
CHEM150 General Chemistry I                                  5
CHEM150H General Chemistry I - Honors 5
CHEM151 General Chemistry II 5
CHEM151H General Chemistry II - Honors 5
CHEM212 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM212H Organic Chemistry I - Honors 4
CHEM213H Organic Chemistry II - Honors 4
CHEM213 Organic Chemistry II 4
MATH250 Single Variable Calculus I 4
MATH251 Single Variable Calculus II 4
*RECOMMENDED COURSES:                    Units
PHYSIC200 Physics I         6
PHYSIC150A General Physics for the Life Sciences I 5
PHYSIC201 Physics II 6
PHYSIC150B General Physics for the Life Sciences II 5
CHEM205 Quantitative Chemical Analysis 5
Total Units 26